Georgi Milenov

23244095_128444384526448_3352476475021326911_n  le opere di G.Milenov


Georgi Milenov Georgiev was born on 15 August 1984 in Troyan Bulgaria. In 2002 he graduated the Special School for Applied Arts in Troyan. During 2007 he completed his studies at the National Art Academy under the guidance of prof. Krassimir Dzhidrov.

Personal exhibitions:
•Seriakova kushta Gallery, Troyan, BG
•Festa gallery, Sofiq, BG
•Art Gallery Dobrich, Dobrich, BG;
•Seriakova kushta Gallery, Troyan, BG;
•Green Cat Gallery, Hotel Crystal Palace, Sofiq, BG;
•Green Cat Gallery, Hotel Hilton ,Sofiq, BG;
•National Exhibition of crafts and arts, Oreshak, BG;
•Green Cat Gallery, Hotel Arena Di Serdica, Sofiq, BG
•U PARK Gallery, Plovdiv, BG;

3 November 2017 GEORGI MILENOV



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